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The GVR3550 Network Video Recorder (NVR) offers small to medium businesses users a dedicated and reliable solution for centralized IP video surveillance recording and monitoring. The system provides video recording, indexing, searching and video storage management for up to 24 IP video cameras to allow users to record and monitor their IP video surveillance network using one device.

Small Business Network Video Recorder

Grandstream Surveillance SystemsThe system can be viewed and managed by connecting the GVR3550 directly to a TV or computer monitor or through the web user interface. The GVR3550 supports all Grandstream IP Video surveillance cameras and IP Video Encoders/Decoders and can automatically detect these devices.

Users can view the live feed of up to 16 cameras simultaneously and can save up to 16TB of video files on the device by connecting up to 4 hard drives (hard drives not included).

Grandstream Surveillance System Features

Download a PDF with system info and technical specifications

Grandstream GVR3550 Datasheet Grandstream GVR3550 Datasheet (959 KB)


Available Phones

With either of the following phones, you can call an "extension" set up on the system and watch a live feed from the srveillance network right on your phone.

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