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Grandstream Systems have a large number of configuration options. A typical network may look like the following diagram

Examples of some common business needs that can be answered by the Grandstream System

Grandstream Sample NetworkCalgary office calls Edmonton office by dialing extension, no long distance charges, calls can also be transferred between sites.

Edmonton calls routed to Calgary for answering by central receptionist, Edmonton receptionist is freed for other work and acts as backup for breaks or other absences.

Warehouse shares lines with Calgary office, saves the expense of having their own lines and allows easy toll free calling between sites using extensions.

Kelowna Store checks shipping status by calling warehouse extension toll free.

Edmonton and Calgary have direct lines for Sales and Service areas. Calls ring office phones and cell phones at the same time.

Kelowna Store has minimal need for dial tone so is serviced by lower cost SIP service (internet dial tone)

Sales person uses softphone on cellphone to stay in touch/check voicemail while on the road.

Calls are routed to Technician’s cell phones via office phone lines, you don’t have to give out cell phone numbers and have those calls bypass the dispatcher any more.

Owner finally takes a vacation and uses softphone to check in once in a while and to call the kids from the local coffee shop or hotel wifi.

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