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Your Business Phone System Is Not an Expense

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, June 08, 2016 |
Post Image - Your Business Phone System Is Not an Expense

You spend a lot of money on technology like computers and business telephone systems. Investments made on these systems are certainly an expense to your business. But today's business phone systems have become quite sophisticated and have functionality that can reduce your overhead costs....moving them to the asset column of your balance sheet rather than the expense section. 

Here are a few reasons of how a business phone system can make a positive difference to your bottom line.

Low Pricing, Many Features

You can get a full featured business phone system installed at your office for around $79 per month, or even less. If you have a smaller office, the costs go down further to approximately $36 a month. I'm willing to bet you pay more than that for your cell phone bill. And don’t think that you'll have to compromise on features for a price that low either, these are commercial grade, high quality systems built by Samsung...not some name you've never heard of.

All our systems come with an industry leading warranty to make sure it keeps running like the day it was new, and a remote support facility which means many upgrades, repairs and issues that come up with the system setup can be handled remotely. This saves you money on service calls and you'll enjoy a quicker response time than having to wait for a truck to roll.

Take Calls Where YOU Are

One of the impressive features of the Samsung OfficeServ business phone system is the ability to connect the desk phone of the employee to his or her cell phone. Once set up, both your office phone and your cell phone ring simultaneously when someone calls you. So even when you're away from your desk or office you'll be able to take your client's calls. Note: this can be set up to be activated with a button on your phone so you can turn it off when you don't want your cell phone to ring for business over the weekend, you remember weekends don't you?

You can also set up a SoftPhone on your laptop. This means you can travel or work from home efficiently by turning your laptop into a feature-rich telephone that's connected to your office system.  Your receptionist can transfer calls to you....calls you make will go out with your office phone number in the caller id rather than your cell phone number (which you may be trying to avoid having your customers see).

You could go so far as to have a physical ip phone in your home office.  This can be better overall for regular use....a softphone is meant to be for the mobile user who's not often in the same place.  The physical phone works just like your office can even see which lines are busy and transfer calls just like you would at the office, access your voicemail easily, and have access to a speed dial list if you have one.

Using Technology To Cut Down Costs

Features such as direct lines and the latest technology SIP Lines reduce your monthly costs while improving your customer and employee satisfaction. What would it mean to your customers to have a number to get directly to their customer service agent or parts department rather than waiting to be transferred.  SIP lines are less expensive than regular phone lines and give you access to features like direct lines, business continuity failover and bursting (adding more lines on the fly if needed and only paying for them that one day).  

What Should I Do Next

This new technology stuff can be confusing.  It's hard to know what's right for you and every business is different.  Give us a call at 403-543-6959 and schedule a no cost/no obligation review of your needs.  

We'll recommend what would work best for your business, not ours, and sometimes we have actually found ways to reduce/adjust your existing services in a way that the phone system pays for itself...while improving your functionality and customer service.

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