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Why You Should Change Your Voicemail Greeting On Holidays

Dave Haggblad - Monday, August 24, 2015 |

Voicemail Holiday Greetings In the current global economic scenario, it is difficult to keep track of every client or colleague’s holidays, specially if they are located several miles away. All voice mail greetings of office phone messages allow users to set up date when message will be played out and also date of expiry so one need not worry about turning it off. Holidays that are local to your country may be unexpected or little known to your colleague or client on other end of the globe and could be wasting time and energy trying to reach you at different times of the day.

Usually offices have a standard greeting of “You have reached office of this organization, please leave a message with your name and number we will call you back”. This does not say if the staff is on a holiday or is out for a short period of time and may be back after sometime. If a caller has no idea about the local holidays of the place he will keep calling back in the hope that someone will answer the call.

Holiday greetings can be set up for all days of the year, whichever ones correspond to your specific holidays. Most systems allow you to set the temporary message without changing your standard “unable to take your call” message. After the holiday is over it automatically reverts back to the standard greeting.

Essentials of holiday messages greetings

If the holidays are long, perhaps for maybe a week or through a long weekend lasting for 3-4 days, then have a customized greeting for those days that can be removed once office reopens. The message should clearly tell callers that the office is closed for celebration of a particular festival and will reopen on a particular date. If you want to have an emergency number where the calls can be attended by an employee to sort out urgent issues then even that can be included in the message.

Assure callers that you will return their call as soon as possible so they should leave their contact details. Try to avoid having background music for official voicemail greetings or casual messages. If it is an individual desk phone in the office then add a personal greeting with assurance about when the caller can expect to hear from you so if the matter is very urgent the caller can get the problem sorted out by another individual from same office.

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