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Why replace your phone system if it's not broken?

- Wednesday, April 06, 2016 |
Post Image - Why replace your phone system if it's not broken?

Why should I replace my phone system? It's working's not broken?
I frequently hear this from customers who have an old Nortel Norstar product. These systems are what we called bullet proof...until one day they are not. This line of phone systems were a well made, reliable piece of equipment that just sat in the phone room humming away processing calls for years....decades even. It was easy to forget about them and believe they would last forever.  But thinking this way can be costly as one of our customers discovered.

It started when his system died

A customer called us last week and told us that their phone system was dead and asked if we could meet to discuss replacement. 

When I arrived at their offices I looked at their broken system and recognized it as a box that Nortel had manufactured in the mid to late 1980s. Yes the 80's when you could still buy an IBM XT computer.

One of the first questions that the customer asked me was “why did it die”. Well, the short answer is that it was very old, close to 30 years old in fact.  Can you imagine any other piece of technology in your office that is that old? You desktop computer? your laptop? your fax machine? your copier? Perhaps your stapler is that old. It's interesting how many of our customers believe these systems, which are in fact just computers, never need to be upgraded as long as they continue to work.

Here's the cost of believing that.

After we had agreed on replacing the system with a new Samsung OfficeServ system I asked if I could review their Telus phone bill.  This is when we discovered that they were paying $95.00 per phone line and their long distance rates that were from .35 cents per minute up to $1.00 per minute for calls within Alberta. With the new system came access to new technology that allows us to reduce these costs significantly. Total savings exceeded $500.00 per month. The savings are great of course, but that also means that he's been paying over $500 a month too much for years!

I was only half joking when I said "I bet you wish your system died a few years ago!". Because with saving $500 a month this customer’s new phone system will be paid for in less than one year and everything after that he gets to keep.  What could your business do with an extra $500 a month?

Don't believe it will last forever, it could prove costly.

New technology allows us to use more cost effective solutions, and a regular review of what you're paying for and the rates you're paying is always a good practice.  This customer definitely wishes that his old Nortel would have died years ago. Give us a call at 403-543-6959 to arrange for a no cost, no obligation meeting to find out if you're in this same situation.

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