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Why Call Three Companies to Fix One Problem

Dave Haggblad - Monday, March 23, 2015 |

Why call 3 technicians to fix a problem In offices today, communication systems are often handled by one single service provider. These firms can handle telephone lines, internet problems and computer issues as they have set up the network and can pinpoint any problem easily. Earlier many businesses had to deal with more than one company or rather three entities to manage their technical issues which lead to a delay in work as it would take time to sort out communication issues.

Why use one company to solve all three technical issues

In current technical scenarios where both voice and data are managed by one internet bandwidth it becomes difficult to pinpoint technical problems easily. Usually in cases where the internet becomes too slow or calls start dropping, both service providers - telecom and internet - start blaming each other for the poor performance while the person using their services suffers. To enjoy the next generation benefits of internet telephony and voice enabled applications, companies have to set up the right foundation to make it a seamless means of information technology.

Very few global level companies today can handle all three requirements of telephone network, internet and information technology which are required by small and mid-sized firms today. This ability to provide all three services makes them unique as compared to other telecom and internet service providers. The advantage of this form is service is that it also protects the subscribers or clients from technical obsolescence and cost escalation too. These unified service providers become the sole source for all business telecom needs, network security, and disaster recovery and varied video conferencing facilities.

Solutions provided by a complete telecom and internet service provider might include:

a. Telecom services
b. Internet Messaging Facility
c. Desktop client
d. Audio conferencing
e. Video conferencing
f. Converged conferencing
g. Personal Assistant
h. Notification Service
i. Mobile Solutions
j. Communications Enabled Business Processes

To make life easier for customers who need a host of communication solutions, some firms have combined these solutions under unified communications and take responsibility for resolving both vice and data based problems simultaneously. These unified providers manage IT requirements of small businesses by providing computers, servers, networking the office and also installing firewalls and antivirus software.

While setting up the internet system, these unified providers also install sophisticated telephony systems to ensure optimal telecom networks without affecting internet speed. Companies that use the services of unified communications firms will have a competitive edge over their competitors as there is little chance of breakdowns.

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