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Why Call Display Is So Expensive From The Phone Company

Dave Haggblad - Monday, June 15, 2015 |

Phone showing Call Display In an office, land-line phone caller id serves many purposes and could be considered a critical service. However, when you have to pay extra dollars every month for a service which should be free like mobile phones then it becomes a painful addition to your office phone bill. As phone companies’ charge a hefty amount for long distance calls and for message services this feature should be granted free to corporate customers, who often need these services.

Importance of caller display

The biggest advantage of call display is that you can see numbers and names of people who have called after office hours and respond to them. The system ensures that your company does not miss any sales inquiries or customer requests and you can call them back to handle issues at the earliest opportunity. If your office is plagued by crank calls, these too can be blocked and reported to the phone company if the caller is persistent. Sometimes callers do not leave any message, so it becomes difficult to track them without a record of the number.

Phone companies can phase out the caller identification charge

Phone companies spend a sizable amount of money to set up infrastructure to provide phone services to subscribers in a particular area. They try to recover the amount by charging their customers for all kinds of services. While it may sound logical to any business enterprise, these same charges become painful if phone companies charge a high amount of money even for what are now considered basic services like caller display.

Loyal customers should be offered free caller display service

When a customer has been with a phone service for a long time, say more than three years at a stretch, then the company can perhaps stop charging for call display as a sign of goodwill and appreciation. It will not only help retain customers but could also help them with adding new customers.

Remove caller charges if bills cross a certain amount

To maintain its corporate customer base, phone companies could stop charging their clients for caller display whose phone bills cross a certain amount. The phone company can offer the facility to corporate clients after a few months of extending regular phone services once it analyzes that the client pays his/her phone bills on a regular basis. The gesture can help strengthen relationship between both parties.

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