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When Does it Make Sense to Install a Paging System?

Dave Haggblad - Monday, February 09, 2015 |

Speaker representing a business paging system A paging system can be installed on your existing office phone system to avoid costs if your workshop or superstore is located in a large building. This application can be used to retain real time connectivity between your office and factory or office and warehouse. The system can be used by both small and large enterprises to retain connectivity and control with just a small investment for equipment, cabling and installation.

A business phone system can be used to play music or send messages to workers with horns/speakers strategically placed in the work area to connect with people in the office. Anyone looking for someone they believe is in those areas can access the paging feature on the phone system and output a page with instructions.

Importance of paging system in work environment

If you have an office area with a lot of phones, it can be overwhelming to have a page come out of all of those little speakers on the phones. Installing a paging system with balanced speaker output is a much better option. A paging system is cost effective and also tends to increase efficiency as staff in all locations work as a single entity to meet deadlines and are in touch with each other. Ceiling speaker systems are easy to install and can be fixed on ceiling tiles within the front office while a horn type speaker is placed in the warehouse or manufacturing factory.

Regulations for paging

Enterprises manufacturing security equipment and dealing with sensitive materials and information may be required by law to maintain paging systems for emergency and safety purposes. Paging systems are ideal for large buildings to make announcements, increase efficiency of staff and help customers to reach the concerned staff with minimal difficulty.

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