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What Used to be Separate is now ‘Converged’

Dave Haggblad - Monday, June 30, 2014 |

Image portraying several technologies merging on to one platform Technological convergence refers to the evolving of separate technology backed systems towards performance of the same kind of operations. When the term ‘digital convergence’ is used, it means that those technologies which were previously distinct or separate, such as voice, video and data now use the same resources and work with each other in synergy.

The present day technologies used in telephone system and network build-up use a single network to direct several telecommunication systems. This particularly involves convergence of previously separate media-data and telephone services-on a common platform using devices like smart phones. These devices can be used to make calls as well as browse the internet.

Digital Communication

The end of the 20th century saw a rise of digital communication. With this development, media companies are now able to send audio, text and video content using the same connections, whether wireless, wired or fiber-optic. Along with this, some media firms also adopted the delivery of data using multimedia.

Convergence is a broad term used to refer to the interconnection of all kinds of information technologies and computing practices, media material and networks of communication. This convergence can be owed to the internet in a big way along with emergence of different kinds of activities, services and products in the digital media world. All kinds of institutions and social activities including art, health, government, business and education are now using this convergence in the digital media world for expansion of their information networks and are utilizing all kinds of technology-supported modern communication devices.

Convergence in Mobile Devices

Since moveable technology has variable uses, it is natural for convergence to take place in a big way with respect to mobile devices. Today all smart phones can be used for different kinds of services like internet browsing, multimedia gaming and messaging, even GPS....apart from simply making phone calls and sending and receiving text messages. This concept simply eliminates the need to have several devices for separate functions as all of them are incorporated into a single device.

So, when multiple technological devices come to form a single device incorporating the functions of all the devices, we call it true media convergence. Henry Jenkins came up with this concept of a single technology. Though, there are still disparities associated with this concept such as the continued use of a computer for carrying out different functions despite owning a smart phone. But this gap is slowly becoming narrower.

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