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What is a Business Telephone System?

- Monday, May 25, 2015 |

Samsung Business Phones When multiple phone lines are used within office premises that are interconnected allowing people to make calls and also carry out other communication activities, it is called a business telephone system. A phone system usually has additional features like call management, conferencing, and message boxes for individual employees. A business phone system can comprise of a few phone lines within one location or a complex and exclusive branch exchange that is used by large organizations to maintain communication between local branches in the same area or even nationally or internationally.

These systems can work on both the public telephone network and internet telephony networks and can be designed to suit individual needs of your business organization. Today, business telephone systems need not be limited to public phone systems, as they can be delivered even on a hosted service through the internet. These virtual phone systems are hosted in the 'cloud' and are cost effective, flexible, and easily managed.

Phone systems for small businesses

Cloud based phone systems can be designed for small businesses and set up using a web browser interface. At your place of business the phones only need to have a connection to your network/internet. When you have a small office this can be an effective way to operate and manage your system, with auto attendant, ringing groups and voice mail facility. The prices of these business phone systems are designed to suit the requirements and budgets of small business.

Phone systems for a workforce on the go

Business organizations that have employees on the go can have difficulty maintaining communication with them. Service providers offer a wide range of services to their customers in this category like applications on employee’s computer or smartphones which can be connected to the phone system and used for maintaining low cost communication.

Hybrid telephone systems

Modern office phone systems are able to support both local and international calls on one handset and transfer calls to multiple phone extensions connected to them. A full-fledged hybrid phone system will have extension identifiers for every handset that is used by employees in different divisions which can make it easy to manage.

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