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What Happens if All my Phone Lines Are Busy?

Dave Haggblad - Monday, January 26, 2015 |

Too many calls coming in Did you ever stop to wonder what happens if all your office phone lines are busy and genuinely engaged in important calls. If you see that all lines are lit on the phone it's likely or at least possible that more calls are coming in. Try to get existing connections completed as soon as possible, perhaps with the promise to call back.  When clients or vendors complain that your office lines are busy all the time, it's time to have a look at options.

Managing phone lines effectively

When a business is growing rapidly, it is vital for them to expand functionalities like increasing the number of phone lines, as missed calls can lead to lost customers. A message recording system can help retrieve calls, but lost calls when phone lines are busy are impossible to trace.

Adding more lines is your first line of defence against your customers receiving a busy signal, and perhaps the easiest to implement. The challenge is the added expense of paying for those extra lines every month when you only need them occasionally.

With the latest technology you can manage busy lines through the use of SIP lines with ‘bursting’ functionality. In other words, an additional phone line will be activated if all your direct lines are busy and there is another call coming in. But this is only activated, and paid for, when you need it.

Under bursting functionality the following conditions apply

  • You only pay for the extra lines if and when you need them.
  • You only pay bursting fees for the day the burst occurs then go back to regular rates
  • You can decide to add more lines if it’s happening often.

Features that could also help to handle calls when lines are busy

Call forward on busy

This is a little known telephone company feature that can forward your incoming calls to another number if all lines are busy. You could 'overflow' calls to your cell phone for instance. Call your phone number provider for more details.

Add On Modlue

Maybe you just need to handle calls faster. Having an add on module for the receptionist can allow them to get calls to where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

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