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Want to save some money?

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, November 04, 2015 |
Post Image - Want to save some money?

Do you have unused phone lines at your office? or features that are not being used but you are still paying for them? Today there are companies that do not charge any money for carrying out a detailed audit of your phone bills. You can save up to several thousand dollars every year by discovering and closing these loopholes. Why not have a free audit done of your phone bill? It will help you make an informed decision about the services you are paying for.

Importance of Controlling Your Communication Costs

Controlling the costs of communication in today’s world has become difficult with many communication applications being based on internet. Communication today comprises cell phones, landlines, tele-conference, video conference and voice mail...even in the form of voicemail-to-emails delivered to the inbox. 

When there are so many services provided by one Telecom Company then your company is likely to incur a large and complicated bill at the end of every month. As physical verification requires a significant time and effort, many companies employ checkers who are specially trained to pick out the flaws and then take it to the right people...potentially saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Long Distance Calls

Long distance calls are sometimes the biggest contributors to your phone bills and with cell phones used by travelling salesmen, phone bills become even more expensive. To cut down on long distance calls many companies now use VOIP connections that can cut down the bill substantially.

Unused Phone Lines

Sometimes companies ask their service provider to cut off extra lines due to lack of usage but that message gets mislaid and bills keep coming in with all connections intact.  Or perhaps thinking about having too many lines is something you never thought about. Auditors often detect such unused phone lines and just removing a single unused line from your bill saves you $500-$1000/year. 

Money Savings/Re-Investment

These audited bills can help a company save enough money to pay for a completely new phone system. Inflated phone bills can cost you dearly and the money saved on such unnecessary units can be used to pay for added facilities.

A phone bill auditor will go through your bill with a fine tooth comb to find opportunities to reduce your costs.  They can also compare several monthly bills to check for discrepancies/anomalies so that reduction opportunities stand up as a red flag.

Why not call us to arrange for a no charge/no commitment phone bill audit today? 403-543-6959

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