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Voicemails sent to your Email address

Dave Haggblad - Monday, July 06, 2015 |

Send your voicemail recording to your business email account In the earlier days of voicemail, messages could be heard by recipients only after retrieving them physically or accessing them by password-protected technology. Now advanced technology can often forward a voicemail left on your office phone to an email address of your choice so that you can listen to it and reply.

This 'unified message' service is usually available only to official email addresses of employees within an organization. The email can be accessed only by the addressee as it is password protected or by a network administrator, if the addressee is not present.

To have a voicemail to email facility you need to place a service request with your service provider. Details like name of the voice mail subscriber, email address, telephone number for which the service has to be provided and account number will need to be shared. Service providers will have a detailed charge list for this kind of service.

Voicemail to email for Cloud-based VOIP phones

You can either take the help of your service provider or set up your voice mail yourself. The system will automatically convert voice messages stored on your box to an MP3 or WAV audio file that is then then emailed to your preferred email address. When you are travelling and likely to be away from your phone for a few days then use a “store and forward” setting which will send voice mails to your email address and will also store the same with the message centre.

Advantages of voicemail to email facility

The service will ensure that all your official voice messages are received within seconds and stored safely even after office hours so they can be delivered to the appropriate person within the office. You can keep all recordings of voice mails for reference at a later time without clogging the voicemail of your office phone, or even store them on a server for sharing with your work group.

Voicemail to email service can help you improve service to your customers and business prospects as you can respond faster to their requests.

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