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Value of a Maintenance Contract for Your Business Phone System

Dave Haggblad - Monday, June 23, 2014 |

Maintenance contract for your business phone system saves you money Your business phone system is a critical element for operating your business as it keeps you connected with your customers, suppliers and other important people in the workspace. It is an important investment. In fact, a part of your business success depends on its functions.

It's vital to ensure that your business phone system is working at its optimum capacity without any faults or glitches. To achieve this, one of the best options is to purchase a monthly maintenance program which provides the necessary services and updates to keep your phone system working and loaded with the latest software at all times.

What is a maintenance contract?

A maintenance agreement provides coverage for your business phone system, including faults that arise as a result of routine wear and tear from using the system. It also offers technical support for all kinds of operating concerns.

Maintenance contract: What does it cover?

A maintenance agreement covers the costs associated with having a technician repair your system.   The costs involved could include software or hardware repair or replacement in the event of a failure. It also covers resetting of voicemail passwords, one of the most common tasks. Password resets are also very expensive if not covered by a Maintenance Contract because even though it only takes a few minutes for the technician to complete the work you are still invoiced for the minimum 1 hour Service Call because of travel time.

The company responsible for your business phone maintenance keeps a stock of spare parts and components for your system. Also, you are given priority status when the work orders are dispatched for the day.

Are you hearing crackling when your talking to someone on your phone? This is likely a handset cord or the handset itself, and changing them out is certainly covered by a Maintenance Contract.  Another low cost part that would result in a 1 hour Service Call for non-Maintenance Contract customers.

What is chargeable?

A Maintenance Contract is meant to keep your phone system operating the way it was set up when it was installed.  If a component stops functioning, or a phone stops working, someone locks up their voice mailbox, or you hire a new receptionist and they need to be trained on using the system....these things are covered.  

If your Shipper/Receiver tosses the phone on the floor because he was mad at a delivery driver....well, you're going to get an invoice for that even if you have a maintenance contract.  

Many companies, ourselves included, try to be liberal in what is covered by a Maintenance Contract. If you have a specific question about coverage please give us a call.

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