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Use an IP Phone for your Home Office

- Monday, March 17, 2014 |

Image of a woman working from a home office A number of small business owners we work with tend to operate from home to keep their costs low. When setting up a home office, a business telephone is one of the things you invest in. But when you have a limited budget, traditional business communication devices can be out of reach. 

When budget is a concern, I recommend my clients invest in VoIP telephone systems for their home office. IP phones are perfect tools for those who work from a home office, as they are easy to set up and cost a lot less than traditional business phone systems.

How does an IP phone work?

An IP phone looks more or less like your traditional phone, except that it comes with an computer network connector instead of the usual phone line connectors. The phone is connected to your router, and once linked to it, allows you make calls over the internet. If you have a home office, an IP phone is a cost-effective communication solution. You can stay in touch with your partners, clients and vendors through this inexpensive communication system, and be able to carry out your business operations smoothly, without bloating the costs.

Why Choose VoIP over Traditional Phones?

VoIP is the preferred choice of many home-based business owners.

  • IP phones reduce the operating costs of your business.  
  • Setting up of the phone and adding or removing extensions is easy with VoIP phones. So if you have a partner or an employee working at another location, you can easily connect with them through the internet. When a call comes in both extensions ring and whoever picks up their phone gets that call.  Then it can easily be 'transferred' to you at your home office.
  • You can even have your IP phone number ring on your cell phone at the same time, so you get your call whether you're in your office of on the road.  Your customer calls the same business number and never sees your cell phone number.

Call us today to find out more about installing and using the IP phones at your home office. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about it.

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