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Todays Telephone Technician Uses a Computer More than a Pair of Pliers

Dave Haggblad - Monday, October 06, 2014 |

Today's phone technician uses a laptop In today’s highly-advanced technological era, we can easily say that man has been replaced by machine. What was earlier considered to be a hands-on job like the repair work with a pair of pliers by a telephone technician, is now being successfully performed by computers. There is no dearth of software and web-based programs that can be specifically designed to cater to performing the simplest to the most complicated tasks.

What is a web app?

A web application is a special software that runs in a web browser. It is specially created using a browser-supported programming language, like HTML, JavaScript or a combination of both. The application relies on the support of a web browser for its functioning. Just like web apps, there are many other applications and tools that are browser-based, and these tools efficiently help manage today’s telecommunication and various other systems.

Gone are the days when people would call the handyman or technician home in case a fuse blow out or tripping of a switch. These days even the technicians, whether they’re called in for electricity or telecommunication repairs and maintenance, are all equipped with laptops that allow them to manage, control and access systems from anywhere in the world.

How are web apps utilized by technicians today?

Today’s technology is so advanced and efficient that it allows technicians to handle as well as access systems through remote management. The web browser must first be installed in the technician’s laptop or computer system, which will also help him/her to have a holistic view of the entire home system. So the technician can basically view the entire internal electrical system of the house from his/her laptop computer, and try to fix the problem by working from wherever he is located. This is very unlike the olden days when technicians could get access to the system’s settings only through the phone. Even the information they would get their hands on, would be limited. However, now with a browser tool they Do not have to worry about lack of information about the issue.

Location and distance aren’t a limitation anymore. Almost any technical problem, whether it’s at home or in the office, can be fixed by technicians through remote management. All they need is a working computer that contains the necessary web browser and tools to access the system, and they can solve the issue in no time minus the pair of pliers!

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