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Three Areas of Your Phone Bill to Review with a Fine Tooth Comb

- Monday, February 12, 2018 |
Post Image - Three Areas of Your Phone Bill to Review with a Fine Tooth Comb

Do you often get shocked when you receive your monthly phone bill? Do you simply pay up without reviewing the bill and going into details of various charges imposed? Well, telephone companies may be have you paying much more than your actual usage of your telephone service.

What services/features are you paying for?

Charges for certain services which are described in very vague or general terms on your phone bill such as "service charge," "service fee," "voicemail," "other fees," "mail server," "membership" and "calling plan".

Charges which are included in your phone bill each month and have no clear or detailed explanation with regards to the services offered. These may appear as “minimum monthly operational fee” or “monthly fee”.

Charges for certain products or services not authorized by you can also feature on your phone bill. Common examples include ringtones, voice services, application downloads etc.

Cost of Phone Lines

Getting a phone line installed is actually not an expensive deal as you might be fooled into thinking. In fact, it takes a minimum charge or nothing at all! You could get your phone line installed in two different ways. You could opt for a broadband connection and landline number from a telephone provider who could give you a free of charge line installation offer. Getting a new line installation could also be avoided by better utilization of your current equipment.

Also make sure that you have adequate knowledge about the advanced technologies used in phone line installation that could lower your monthly bill to a great extent. If you have done your research on various options, you are less likely to be fooled by the line provider.

Cutting Costs of Long Distance Calls

Your phone company may not give you information about lower calling rates for long distance calls. If you are unable to track the phone bill charges, try other types of service providers such as VoIP where you get extremely inexpensive or even free international and long distance calling services. 

However, the ideal way to track your current long-distance calling bill is to compare it with other service providers and see how much you can save by switching to better service.

Interested in reducing your costs?

Check out our no-charge phone bill audit.

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