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The One Thing Our Technician's Would Like Every Customer to Know

Dave Haggblad - Tuesday, December 24, 2013 |

Image of Samsung IDSC 28 button phone with add on module If there is one thing that we tell our customers, it is not to be afraid to try new things with their business phones. I see most of my clients using their phone systems only to take calls, make calls or transfer calls to another extension. But modern business phones are not just mere telephone instruments with a receiver and a transmitter. They are a lot more than that. And to make your investment in these high-end phones worth it, you should explore the many features they come with

The Samsung OfficeServ phone system is sophisticated and there is very little chance that you could get into trouble trying to explore its features. So go on and try out a new feature in your business phone system. What is the worst thing that could happen?

Start Simple

If so far you have been using your OfficeServ phones only to make or receive calls, take the next step - try something simple. Next time you are on a call, seek the caller's permission to record the conversation using the record feature in the phone system. Before you try it with a client, see if you can use it with a colleague or on a personal call made by your family or friends. Another simple feature you can explore is the office attendant, which is more or less like your answering machine. Only, the attendant can do more than just take a message for you.

Do It More Often

If you are not confident using a particular feature, don't be afraid to try it again. Do it as often as possible to become comfortable with it. For instance, you could try call conferencing with two people or more using the phone system. This feature can come in very handy when you want your colleagues or subordinates in other locations or branches of your company to participate in a phone meeting with a client. And to be prepared for such a situation, take a little step now and try conferencing calls with colleagues in the office.

Keep Exploring

Recording, transferring, conferencing… these are just a few things you can do with your phone. Check out our training videos today to learn about the many more features of your Samsung OfficeServ phone systems. You could also read our articles explaining the unique features of your Samsung business phone.

For any other support with regards to your business phone, please contact us.

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