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The Most Desired Feature in a New Phone System

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, October 14, 2015 |
Post Image - The Most Desired Feature in a New Phone System

Tired of the existing fixed landline phone system in your office and want to shift to something current and technically advanced to meet your advanced needs?

Here are some popular features that people look for in their phone system. Before shifting to a new business phone technology check with your office staff about functionalities that they would expect from a new phone system so these can be evaluated and implemented.

Here are some popular features that people look for in their phone system

Find and follow

When you can check emails on the office computer laptop, your cell phone or tablet at home or anywhere you go, the same facility should also be available on phone calls. With internet based phones, one can often have a Find and Follow feature that allows calls to follow you from office landline to extension and then to cell phone so it can be answered promptly. Sometimes companies have a system that if one sales person is not able to take calls within a limited number of rings then the call is automatically diverted to another sales colleague’s phone so they can assist the caller.

Voicemail transcription

If you have a small office that receives voice messages by the dozens both during office hours and non-office hours, then you may need to employ a person to sit and listen through voice messages that may not be very audible. A voicemail transcription facility saves you from the hassle of listening to voice messages several times to understand its meaning as it transforms voice messages into text and emails it to subscribers along with a copy of the original audio clip.

Adding new extensions without expanding your system

Traditional phone systems give limited extension growth and if you want to add new extensions you often need to add hardware, so it can be an expensive proposition. VoIP phones that are connected to computer networks can help with the easy addition of new softphones. Based on the strength of digital bandwidth additional phone lines can be connected easily as softphones that can be shifted to any location in the office.

Monitoring and recording conversations

This facility allows managers to listen to calls of sales people to help them improve their pitch and also find out if any mistakes are being made. Conversations can also be recorded using software, where it can be retrieved and replayed to help new recruits learn sales pitches and handle barriers.

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