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The Future of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

- Wednesday, January 03, 2018 |
Post Image - The Future of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Before looking forward let’s take a look at what has happened to the telephone industry.

Do you remember when you saw payphones everywhere? People would get off the airplane and line up at the payphones to call home. Or how about long distance. In 1994 Telus was selling long distance for 26 cents a minute contracted for the province of Alberta.

Cell phones ruined the profitability for payphones. Competition and deregulation brought long-distance rates down to 3-4 cents a minute anywhere in our nation.

We hear words like VOIP so often that our brains associate the word with a product, not a service. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and means that you are having a conversation through the internet, not on copper lines.

What is VOIP going to do for your business?

  1. Locals from your office on your laptops (road warriors can call from hotel rooms and retrieve voice mail etc.)
  2. Locals from you office on your cell phones (service personell in easy contact with office)
  3. Three digit dialing between offices in different cities (no long distance transparent dialing)
  4. Employees can work from home while connected to the office via soft phones

Each of the above points adds value to your bottom line. The first two eliminate the need for per minute cell phone charges as well as the most expensive long distance in the market. Three digit dialing between remote locations means one receptionist, one accounting department, fewer phone lines, overall better intercompany communications and higher customer satisfaction. The last point means that you can lower you monthly rent because employees can work from their homes while still being able to listen to pages, answer incoming calls, etc.

VOIP is here to stay and when installed properly the quality is equal to land lines. If you are purchasing a new telephone switch ensure that it has VOIP capabilities and be sure to ask us for a quote.

Have you been looking at VOIP?
I would like to know your thoughts of this technology.

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