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The Future of Business Telephone Systems

Dave Haggblad - Monday, May 04, 2015 |

Business VoIP Phone Systems Telephone exchange systems have changed since the first operator-led connections moved to automatic switching exchange systems. Now internet connections with broadband have transformed business telecom systems into digital delivery technology called Voice-Over-Internet Protocol Network (VoIP). This technology is emerging as the most popular communication technology around the world and will certainly be at the forefront in the future of business telephone systems.

According to experts, VoIP technology will grow to more than $3.8 trillion in the upcoming years. Referred to as “the phone system of the future” VoIP is expected to be used in 40 percent of businesses. The positives of this technology that  make it popular among businesses looking for faultless systems are:

  • Low costs – VOIP telecom systems can have lower price for long distance calls when compared to traditional land lines. Business organizations which have branches across different locations in various cities can have dedicated networks which can cut their phone bills drastically. Large VoIP providers also give free instruments to small businesses to save them from startup costs. VoIP systems do not charge extra for calls within United States and Canada which can save thousands of dollars. 
  • Latest features and clear connectivity – Additional features of VoIP telecom connections like professional greetings, automatic attendant and fax increase its appeal to business customers as these are normally offered without extra costs. The clarity of calls on VoIP systems is better than regular cell phone connections if the broadband connection is strong. By switching to this technology businesses can increase productivity as this is more flexible and can easily be replicated when moving from one location to another. 
  • Work from anywhere – VoIP systems can be used by employees within the office and also while they are on the move as they can easily connect to resources through wireless IP phones for presenting information to customers. If critical calls have to be handled by an employee at home they can plug into their home internet connection to receive calls landing on their office phone systems. 
  • Easy inexpensive setup – When business firms choose reputed VoIP service providers that have managed several small and large office projects they can be assured of hassle free setup. Phone connections can be easily setup by simply plugging them onto internet network which are configured in advance to manage features like queuing, music on hold, conferencing etc.

While switching onto futuristic telecom technology ensure that you find the right service provider that can understand your requirements and help to setup a telecom system that fits your needs.

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