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The Best Service I Ever Received Was…..

- Monday, February 26, 2018 |
Post Image - The Best Service I Ever Received Was…..

On New Year's Eve, I went out to dine with a couple of my friends. We heard that a new place had opened up nearby so we decided to try it. We arrived there during rush hour, but because it was new we didn’t expect it to be crowded. And we certainly did not want to spend our evening waiting to be seated at a table. But to our surprise, the place seemed full and the staff seemed too busy serving guests to even look at us. 

We feared the worst and thought that we were stuck in this place, as it was too late to change our venue for the evening, when a well-dressed woman approached us cheerfully and said "good evening".

As expected, she told us that all tables were full, but did not turn us away. She indulged us in a friendly chat for less than a minute, when a waiter took over and lead us to a table that was set up just to accommodate me and my friends. Following that, everything was smooth. We were immediately handed our menus and drinks were served instantly (the lady who greeted us tactfully took our order for drinks during the friendly conversation). The evening went as smoothly as possible. We ate great food and certainly had a good time.

The best part was that we felt very comfortable where we were, and did not regret our choice of restaurant for the evening.

Prompt and Perfect

When I think back about that wonderful evening, I realize that we never had to wait for someone to pay attention us. The owner of the restaurant (yes, the lady who greeted us and showed us to our table) made no delay in approaching us and greeting us when she noticed that all her waiters were busy serving other guests. That is something that an auto attendant option in your business telephone system would do - greet the caller instantly, so that they don’t feel like they are waiting, even though they are.

The caller also gets a menu from the auto attendant, and can make a choice based on his or her requirement. So while your receptionists are busy attending to other callers, the auto attendant, just like out host the other evening, ensures that the caller is not turned away. And as soon as one of the extensions is free, the auto attendant diverts the caller straight to that extension, minimizing the wait time as much as possible, and ensuring that the customer has a pleasant experience when they call us.

Feel free to contact us to find out about the many more ways the auto attendant in your telephone system can improve your customer service.

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