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Tel Tech Services part of the Apprenticeship Board

Dave Haggblad - Monday, August 18, 2014 |

Building blocks representing steps to learning Telecommunications Technical Services (Tel Tech Services) was started by Arlen Peterson in 1993. The company boasts years of shared experience that comes from a well-trained staff in the telecommunications industry. The various fields of specialization of Tel Tech include Samsung Officeserv and Nortel Norstar Phone Systems and it holds a position as an Authorized Samsung Dealer. The entrepreneurial energy instituted by Arlen has also led Tel Tech into innovative and dynamic technologies.

Tel Tech’s industry participation

Tel Tech strongly believes that the business telecom sector is subject to very similar challenges as seen in the video and music industry. Fresh and innovative technology is ready to transform this industry. This is the reason Tel Tech takes its participation in the telecom industry quite seriously.

The president of Tel Tech, Arlen Peterson is a part of the Alberta Provincial Apprenticeship Committee for Telecom. The telecom syllabus was completely changed by the board last year. It now focuses on Internet Protocol Telephony and the present batch of students will graduate with a holistic as well as practical knowledge of this vital technology.

In addition to guiding the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee for Telecom, Arlen is also works with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), providing suggestions and inputs to SAIT about the industry’s view on what should be taught. Arlen also takes time out to guide students in their graduating year and help them in the completion of their final projects. The students at SAIT study various kinds of IP solutions for businesses in the telecom system.

The benefit of working in direct contact with teachers is that the professionals who are ultimately hired by the industry have the right knowledge, capability and experience to work in the business telecom sector.

Arlen’s journey in the telecom industry

Arlen started his career in the telephone business in the year 1973. He was an installer at AGT in the local market. His job basically required him to set up telephone systems in the homes of the Calgary area. In the year 1975, he applied for a position looking after the installation of business phones and was accepted.

Under his leadership, Tel Tech has experienced consistent growth in its customer base as well as services offered. In the beginning as a Nortel shop which sold only Norstar phone equipment, and now as an authorized Samsung dealer selling OfficeServ Business telephone systems as well.

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