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Talking on the phone all day giving you a pain in the neck?

Dave Haggblad - Monday, September 07, 2015 |

Samsung Business Phone with wireless headset Telemarketers, receptionists and customer service are some job positions that require people to be on the phone continuously to manage calls. Recent studies have revealed that more than 80 percent of people in jobs which require them to be on the phone for a long time suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain. When you are on the phone on one call for a long time as you look for information required by the caller, then you usually tend to keep the instrument wedged between shoulder and ear with head tilted to one side which makes stains the neck.

If you are typing details on the computer while answering callers’ queries on the phone for more than a few minutes or talking on the mobile phone while cooking and using both your hands then this neck/phone juggling action could prove to be very painful after sometime. You may feel pain in your shoulders or neck muscles followed by stiffness if you continue similar activities for long periods every day. Any physiotherapist will tell you that ignoring neck pain due to phone handling can lead to long term stress injuries like headaches and shoulder pain.

Alternatives to avoid this pain

If your job requires you to use a phone 24/7 at the work place then you have to look for alternative means to manage the issue. Adopting correct posture and avoiding phone cradling on the neck/shoulder area are a good alternative for avoiding neck pain. Besides this you can also adopt other means to avoid phone related neck pain.

Lightweight headset – Request your administrative staff or purchasing staff to get a light weight headset for your office desk. This will take the strain out of talking on the phone all day and will make your job easier to manage. You can also keep changing hands when handling the phone so your neck and should do not get involved in the hold call process.

Use hands free speaker phone – If your conversation is not private and can be heard by others around the office then use a speaker phone which allows you to talk without holding a headset against the neck and shoulder. But in a call centre where every individual is using a phone to work this system will not work and so you will have to work with a headset which has an earphone and microphone fixed into it.

Whichever method you use remember that it should provide you comfort and relief from neck pain from phone usage.

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