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Six Communication Tools Every Business Should Have

Dave Haggblad - Monday, April 28, 2014 |

Image representing a business communication toolbox The key to success for every business, be it a startup or a large organization, is effective communication. This isn’t limited to just interaction with your clients, but also with your employees and vendors, or any other stakeholder. There are several communication tools that your business can use to improve and streamline the communication process. Let’s take a look at six communication tools.

Business Phone System

This is one of the most important communication tools that a business has. Selecting the right telephone system for your company is extremely important. For small businesses a traditional phone system can be too expensive. VoIP phone systems or Virtual PBX systems might be more appropriate and affordable. The functionality is the same (better in some cases) and the price is often much less than a traditional phone systems.


The quality and user-friendliness of websites has gone up a few notches over the past few years. So it's no longer sufficient to have a normal static website. Your business needs a dynamic website that appeals to your clients and provides useful information they can use to operate their business more effectively. Integrating a blog with your website is a good move. It's a great engagement tool and also allows you to build your brand personality. Ensure that your blog has relevant and quality content, which in turn will improve your Google ranking when your customers are looking for the services you provide.

Email hosting

Emails are a crucial part of any business’ communication. Many business transactions need to be done through emails. The email hosting provider you select also has bearing on your business. A @yourcompanyname email address projects your business in a better light. Google Business Apps is an ideal option.

Customer Relationship Management

As a business starts growing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system becomes crucial. The sheer volume of communication will be impossible to keep a track of manually. A CRM system will allow you to track sales, marketing initiatives and any customer support services. Interactions with existing and new clients can also be kept track of.

Project management

After a certain point, sticky notes aren’t a viable option for reminders regarding project tasks. You need a project management system that can be accessed by all employees, so that everyone is on the same page regarding the progress of a particular project.

Email marketing

An effectively designed email marketing campaign can dramatically improve your business’ customer interaction. Everyday hundreds of newsletters flood our inboxes. It is important to stand out from that crowd with innovative call-to-action methods and relevant, targeted content.

These tools will directly impact the sales and brand value of your business. By making use of these tools you will be in a better position to make business decisions.

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