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Setting Up a Phone for a New Employee

Dave Haggblad - Monday, July 20, 2015 |

Image depicting a new employeeEach time a new employee joins an organization, the IT department (or it's equivalent) has to set up their workstation and office phone so he/she can start working immediately after completion of the orientation program. The employee’s email address is created and details are sent to all group members in that department for correspondence. 

The employee is also given a telephone extension with features that will allow him/her to correspond with other employees within the office and also make and receive calls from outside. They will be given instructions about usage after set up of the hardware.

Steps to set up a new phone for new employee

Once the hardware is in place, either a new extension number will be assigned, or an existing unused one will be re-purposed and given to the new employee. If your office has a VOIP phone system, then setting up a new extension or phone line is much easier as administrator can do it with the help of a few clicks. If it is a standard phone line service, then the office often has to request a service call from their service provider for a new line which may take a couple of days time. After the extension has been created, the employee is given a login id and password to create voicemail greetings and to recover messages left by people who called in their absence.

Once the IT department changes the display name and sets/resets the extension so it's suitable to the new employee, he/she can usually customize buttons and set up the voice mail along with details like spoken name and personal greeting. Make sure to arrange for employee training on how to use the system, save and delete old messages and create personal voice message greetings, and ask about any online training videos  or user guides that may be available. The details of the new employee’s extension number and voice mail details should be given to reception, the human resource department and all other members in the group where the new member is likely to interact.

Facilities like long distance calling should be considered, not everyone needs to be able to make long distance calls and having this service regulated could save you from an expensive surprise.

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