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Reviewing your phone bill can save you thousands

Dave Haggblad - Monday, July 18, 2016 |
Post Image - Reviewing your phone bill can save you thousands

How long have you been in business?

I ask because over time things get forgotten...accepted....or even ignored.  There are so many things clamouring for your attention with you business that sometimes the little things get pushed to the back burner....and left there.

For us....we first noticed how this was costing us a lot of money when we moved to a larger office and I was making sure all the phone lines were moved.  We were moving 4 lines (3 for calls and 1 for the fax) but when I happened to check the bill we were actually being billed for 5 lines.  

After some digging, I discovered that we had installed a modem line years before and though we had stopped using it a long time ago as well....we were still paying about $40 a month for it. The phone company was happy to keep taking our money...though to be fair they wouldn't know we weren't using it.

It's bad enough we paid hundreds of dollars for something we weren't even using....but imagine if that continued.  $40/month is almost $500/year.....what could your business do with an extra few hundred dollars a year?  

And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

We also discovered that not all of our phone lines were on the long distance 'plan' we had in often the calls were going out on a line with no discount plan and we were paying a significantly higher per minute rate for those calls. More cash out the window....because once again the phone company, in all their calls to 'review our account', did not notice this issue.

We're not alone

Shortly after that we came to the realization that our customers were in the same boat and started to offer a Free Phone Bill Analysis & Audit.  Since we started providing this free service we have literally saved some of our customers thousands of dollars, in several cases we saved them enough to pay for an entire new phone system, just in the difference between what they were paying and what they SHOULD have been paying.

It's definitely worth having a look at.  If you're interested just give us a call at 403-543-6959 to arrange for your no-charge, no-obligation bill analysis & audit.

Have you come across any other simple ways to save money in your business? Let us, and our other visitors, know what you've discovered by leaving a comment on this post..

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