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Remote Support / Remote Access to System

Dave Haggblad - Monday, March 10, 2014 |

Image representing remote system support Among the many advantages of investing in a business telephone system is that you can remotely access it, meaning that you can access the many functions of the phone even when you are away from it. The remote access feature also enables quicker resolution of technical issues from the support center. To help you understand the feature better, I have listed the top benefits of the remote access feature in your Samsung or Nortel business telephone systems. Here they are.

Easy setup

Setting up the remote access or support feature in your business telephone is easy with the help of our technicians. Once the system is set for remote access, you can access your telephone system from anywhere you are. This means you can access your voice messages even when you are away from office, and reply to clients' messages as and when required.

Resolve issues quickly

One of the biggest advantages of this feature is that it enables remote access for resolving technical glitches. Once the remote access is set up, our technicians can access your telephone system remotely to address any technical issues in the quickest possible way, without having to visit you personally. With remote access, technical support for your business telephone systems is available much faster.

Remote access also allows the tech support team to make minor changes, such as adding and removing user details, resetting voicemail passwords or locked mailboxes, and even regularly backup up your phone system's data.

Reduce Costs

As they can access the telecommunication systems remotely, technicians need not visit your office premises to take care of minor issues. Remote support typically is invoiced in 1/4 hour increments with no additional travel charges, much less expensive than an on site visit.

Create Backup

Finally, remote access allows us to back up the phone system. There is always a risk of losing phone system data due to an accident or due to natural or man-made disasters like a fire, flood or lightening. A back up of the phone system comes in handy to restore the telephone system if the hardware gets destroyed or if the file system gets corrupted due to a virus attack or due to a hacking attempt.

The best part is we can remotely access to the phone system without jeopardizing security. Talk to us today to know more about this interesting feature. Our able support team will be glad to explain any details you wish to know about remote support/remote access.

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