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Low-Cost Dial Tone - SIP Trunk Systems

- Monday, March 26, 2018 |
Post Image - Low-Cost Dial Tone - SIP Trunk Systems

SIP trunking is considered the most inexpensive and flexible method to link the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and an IP PBX. Dial tone services are also offered by SIP trunk systems for a standard PBX with the help of an Integrated Access Device.

It has been found that almost 14 percent of all exchange lines utilized in the United States for business purposes make use of SIP trunking and this percentage is expected to rise to a 50 percent in the coming year. This comes as no surprise because of the cost saving benefits as well as feature advantages associated with SIP trunking, especially when compared to other systems such as PRIs and BRIs.

Popularity of SIP trunking

Today, SIP trunking is a widely used technology globally. It makes use of the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signal-based process to offer dial tone services, with both long distance and local calling.

Instead of utilizing the conventional telephone system lines, the IP network is used for making calls  and these calls are transferred via a broadband link to the Public Switched Telephone Network.

The advantage of the SIP trunk system is that you do not have to pay for different data connections and voice call trunks. All your data and voice call traffic can be combined with the help of one broadband link. Voice calls get a dynamic allocation of bandwidth when required and otherwise it is available for allocation to data traffic, which leads to optimized utilization of bandwidth.

Save on long-distance calls 

If your business is widely spread out in far off geographical locations, you can actually make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls using SIP trunking without paying the usual charges that apply for long distance calling.

Several companies incur major long distance calling costs when they connect with clients and business associates in different locations globally. SIP trunking helps in saving a lot of those funds each month.

With VoIP, providers of SIP Trunking are generally able to charge much lower prices for both international and domestic calls. They also provide the opportunity for making unlimited international calls for smaller organizations. Discounts on ‘per minute’ calling may also be available.

Another great advantage of SIP Trunk systems is that your calls can be automatically redirected to another phone number in the event of a disaster.

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