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Learn to Program Your Own Phone System

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, December 17, 2014 |

Video Player with training video loaded Telephones are a critical lifeline of any business today. Helping your employees stay connected to your clients, partners and sales teams is vital to the effectiveness of your organization. But programming office business phone systems can be a bit of a challenge for someone who isn’t a pro with software or wires. And a mess up on the phones can be costly.

A hands-on approach

With our training videos you will be taken through the paces on how to set up a business phone system. Your employee will learn how to program the systems to perform the tasks they need to do in the most efficient way possible. By using a method of seeing and doing, the process is far superior to any other form of training involving copious literature. Nothing beats seeing how its done.

Step by step

These training videos will show you how to go from phone novice to pro. In an easy to understand, simple step-by-step approach to programming phones, your employee will soon have your systems up and running.

Save on training costs

Unlike offline training that requires you to coordinate multiple schedules and organize a venue, online training videos mean you can train anyone, anytime, anywhere. These videos are accessible all year-round, so you can have an employee trained when you find it convenient.

Seamless management

With a training video library, when an employee goes on leave or quits the organization, you don’t have to scramble to find a backup. Simply get the new employee or replacement trained using the videos and he or she will soon be able to hit the ground running. Vital when it comes to something as important as your phone systems.

Reduce maintenance downtime

In the traditional scheme of things, when a business phone system encounters a glitch, it kicks off a ticketing system with your vendor. Log your problem, and then play the waiting game. All the while losing out on potential business or missing important phone calls. Troubleshooting quickly becomes so much easier when your team is well equipped to handle the phone systems in-house.

Eliminate dependence on vendors

With this tutorial based approach to learning how to run your office phones, you will reduce your dependency on your phone system vendor.  Fix your problems as they crop up and make anyone you need to, an expert. With the basics in place, you won’t need to refer back to your vendor each time you have a minor problem. And that translates to saving your business a ton of time & money in the long run.

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