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Key Factors to Understand when Selecting a Cloud Voice Provider

Dave Haggblad - Monday, March 09, 2015 |

What do I need to know about cloud based phone services To provide flawless communication within the office environment and also increase productivity of staff and profitability, many companies now select a cloud based phone service provider. Here are the key aspects to keep in mind while selecting a cloud based voice provider for communication needs.

Visible presence in local business community

When you seek a voice provider for your office, check for a firm which has an understanding of your business and communication needs. If they have worked for organizations which are in the same business as you are, they can understand your needs better and can provide customized service quickly. With experience in your type of business the cloud voice provider can interact with you continuously to manage all connectivity issues until your office communication system is up and running. Look for a service partner that you can correspond with face-to-face instead of working with a nameless service provider.

Critical factors of successful installation

Every professionally managed firm has to work with a technically adept firm which can understand their needs and should also be able to handle them. A cloud based internet telephony system requires a strong router and “POE Switches” along with service on call. A communication provider that does not pay attention to these issues creates problems of redundancy, dropped calls and expensive re-installation of plugins at a later date which may not work as desired.

Low price and premium service

Business owners looking for a low cost model will be disappointed with low cost voice solutions as they are only meant to handle current business needs and will not be able to scale up once requirements grow. Low priced cloud based phone systems offer patchwork solutions which cannot withstand additional pressure of a growing business organization’s communication needs. The best solution would be to look for a service provider that can set up a strong and scalable solution that can meet growing needs of the business over a long period of time without adding to the overall cost.

Negotiating with carrier

Depending on the size of your telecom requirements the cloud service system can be easily integrated with your telecom carrier to meet growing requirements of number portability and allocation of greater bandwidth, which makes it an ideal system. A capable local cloud provider will have better knowledge of your telecom carrier and will know if they can support your requirements.

Have short term contracts with companies that know their capability and can provide you excellent service without comprising on quality and will not be complacent like service providers with long term contracts.

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