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Is it time for a checkup?

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, April 20, 2016 |
Post Image - Is it time for a checkup?

I was at the hospital this morning for a medical test.  One of those ones the catch the early onset of something that could be really nasty later.  Low, low risk if you catch the issue now....but if you don't have things checked and dealt with the potential results are catastrophic.

While sitting waiting for the various processes and procedures that happen over the course of the test I was struck with the similarity of this concept to you basic business phone system.

It just happens out of the blue

Like me, your phone system has likely been humming along just fine for a long time.  Everything works, nothing to complain about. That's what gets us into trouble, both on a personal and business level.  We don't see of feel anything wrong so don't have things checked out and one day....BAMM, system failure.

And it's not just a little BAMM, it's complete shutdown, often requiring replacement parts.  Or if it's you personally, it could be a stroke, a heart attack or perhaps cancer.

Pre-Emptive Planning

You can avoid this for your phone system, as you can in life, with some pre-emptive planning.  Recognize the value of having a technician look at your system on an annual basis.  Look at how it's mounted....does it have an appropriate power supply.....are the extra lines you're paying for that you don't your system secure from hacking.  

Just like getting a simple test for your health can mitigate big problems later, having your system looked at can do the same thing.  

One Big Difference

One big difference is that with your phone system you can realize that it's getting on in years and it's time for a planned replacement...preventing that big failure and all the stress and anxiety that causes.  Not so with you're own health....short of major surgery to replace organs you have to deal with what you have.

So go see your doctor.....and when you get back with an all clear from that, give us a call at 403-543-6959 and set up a 'medical' for your phone system.

Oh...and my test results were great, nothing to worry about. Thanks for thinking of me.

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