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If I Had an Extra $1000 To invest In My Phone System

Dave Haggblad - Friday, May 08, 2015 |

If I had an extra $1000 to invest in my phone system A stable office phone system is critical for the success of every business. But if you have a budget of $1000 to invest on an existing phone system it opens a host of possibilities for you. Before jumping into purchasing anything related to your phone system do a detailed research into options available in the market and access your requirements.

Taking on a lease – Taking equipment on a lease can protect you from being saddled with outdated equipment in today’s world where technology is changing rapidly. Check if you can trade your existing equipment for a new one on lease for a lesser price so it can fit your budget of $1000 and also provide your staff with better technology.

Add new module to existing phone system – If you have multiple locations within the same state or city and want an exclusive network to handle correspondence between them then check with local VOIP service providers if they can give you a system within your budget of $1000. This will help to cut costs on local communication and also can allow easy upgradation when you have more money.

Add a new conference phone – If your office lacks a conference phone then this is the best time to get it as $1000 can cover the costs of installation and equipment. Check for the cost of both leased equipment and second hand equipment keeping in mind your long term needs so that your money is well spent.

Paging system – Adding a paging system to your existing PBX phone system is will help keep in touch with employees out in the field or in some part of the warehouse where cell phone signals are hard to reach. Check with your service provider and compare the quote given with other service providers in the market so you can bargain to get a deal that will cover your requirements within $1000.

New Phone Lines – New employees means new phone lines and expenditure which can be done even with a small budget of $1000. To get new lines at a low cost get workgroup deployment phone so you can have multiple lines within a unique group. You can also buy second hand equipment to handle these new connections which will lower your new phone line costs.

Enhancing the power of your existing smartphone – Everyone loves to have a smartphone that lasts for hours without charging and also has large storage capacity. You can enhance the capacity of your existing phone by the purchase of new storage devices with $1000 to store file that you use occasionally.

Your phone system should be able to fulfill your unique needs and any extra purchases made to enhance it should be done with a vision of future needs.

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