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How to Improve Your Customer Service with a New Phone System

Dave Haggblad - Monday, August 24, 2015 |

Providing excellent customer service Service agents and sales personnel need efficient communication networks to help them solve customer issues and manage their queries. But lack of communication infrastructure can lead to lost opportunities and bad publicity for your brand. A phone system can be a powerful tool to manage customer service. Phone systems today provide lots of features that can improve customer service and help you to retain customers by establishing trust and loyalty. With a new phone system you can engage your customers with proactive strategies.

1. Reliability and reach

When a customer is able to reach you within the first few rings, and is able to resolve his/her problem quickly then their trust and belief in your company grows significantly. Modern phone systems which provide the flexibility of multiple lines and line types (like direct numbers) can increase your organization’s ability to handle sales and service queries quickly and reduce the chances of missed calls or hangups.

2. Technical features and voice clarity

New phone systems today have better voice clarity and eliminate ambient noise so both parties can hear each other better. VOIP phone services have additional features like converting voice messages into email messages which can be listened to on any device where email messages can be checked. The office phone can be synced to a user’s cell phone making it easier to handle urgent office phone calls and not push them to voicemail for handling later.

3. Customized voice messages

Modern phone systems can be set up with IVR and given custom messages based on queries to avoid callers being shifted around and ending up in the wrong department, a huge dissatisfier. People hate explaining their problems to several people and tend to disconnect if bounced more than twice. In these circumstances, flexible auto attendants can help reduce this factor as they can help the caller get to the right place the first time. When caller is able to reach the relevant department within a single call then there is greater possibility of retaining that customer.

4. Quick turnaround and monitoring

Even when customers leave messages after office hours they expect a quick response but this is not followed by companies that lack a modern phone system. Current technology of call forwarding and email of voice messages can help the concerned department to turnaround in the quickest possible time for a customer’s issue. Though the issue can be sorted out the next day the customer will feel happy that organization shows timely attention and concern. 

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