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How to Acquire More Customers

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, December 03, 2014 |

Answer the phone to attract more customers In the sea of service providers, how do you ensure that you get noticed to draw in more subscribers? You get all the advertisements and promotions sent, but if the after sale service is nothing to talk about, then you have lost some valuable customers right there. Getting business is not easy, especially with new competitors sprouting up virtually every ten seconds.

Answer the phone

There is however, a simple solution, answer your phones. What customers are really looking for is some human interaction; they are looking for a live person to talk to. If they call a service provider and they are unable to speak to someone, well there are others to choose from. A subscriber will just run down the list till they run into someone who will talk to them.

Seems simple enough. Answer your phone. Many service providers are unable to provide something as simplistic as that and they are often left wondering what went wrong. With the kind of technology available today there are many options available to ensure that your phones are answered by a living breathing person.

How about pairing your business phone to your cell phone. You can answer calls on the go without having to worry about the services being provided over the phone. Integrating the two is definitely wise if the call volume being handled is less. For larger call volumes we have a different solution.

Automatic call distribution

Automatic call distribution is another means of getting the phones answered. It is a device that helps distribute calls based on the caller’s needs or the agent’s expertise. As the name suggests Automatic Call Distribution is a far more effective method for people to reach out to your business. There is specific software that helps with call distribution paired with hardware for the terminals and switches along with phone lines the system is put in place. When integrated with an IVR, the system comes into effect.

The automatic call distribution system comes in handy for businesses fielding large number of calls. Usually calls are queued and then distributed. There are various options for incoming call distribution. There’s linear distribution where calls are distributed in a specific order and they start from the beginning each time. Rotary call distribution starts with the next in line.

Uniform call distribution does so quite uniformly and starts with agents who’ve handled least no. of calls whereas simultaneous all distribution ensures that calls to all unoccupied lines are directed simultaneously. Weighted call distribution is the last call distribution classification which helps direct calls based on the caller’s requirement or the agent’s expertise. At the end of the day, business comes to companies that answer their phones.

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