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Have You Seen a TV Commercial for a Business Phone System?

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, December 10, 2014 |

TV Commercial with business phones on sale Not many of us would have seen tv commercials about business telephone systems, though all of us would have watched commercials about every other electronic product in the market like cellphones, music systems and the likes. Have you ever wondered why? Likely not.

The growing utility of smartphones and social media applications has made it easy for people to stay connected with friends and the office at all times. While an office phone network is critical for the success of business organizations, it is usually only used as a means to transfer client calls, having phone conferences or to communicate among colleagues within the office.

Business phones have limited usage

The vital reason behind lack of advertising for business phones is because of a smaller list of clientele and that only businesses use them. Plus how many business have a tv running in the office where potential clients would see a commercial? 

With innovations which have been made in the telecommunication industry which allow people to communicate at a low cost, an office phone could be considered almost redundant. In an office with computer networks on every table, people use inter-office messaging facility to communicate with each other instead of calling each other up.

Poor service standards - Small businesses with few employees have to rely on regular phone companies which pay scant attention to their requirements and service calls are often un-answered. These small business phone systems are generally neglected as companies rarely take up annual maintenance and continue with old pbx phone systems for ages until they literally break down. The regular business phone systems have been stuck with three functions - hold, transfer and conference - for years and no improvements have been made. Little need to advertise to this group.

Print advertisements in papers and yellow pages are sufficient – Manufacturers and phone companies know that buyers will not be impressed by audio visual commercials as business phones can all look the same. They would prefer to see a demonstration of the phones and the services that can be offered by a service provider with competitive charges and servicing costs. So these companies keep their advertisement budgets limited to business magazines, newspapers and local yellow pages, making it easy for administrative staff of businesses to reach them whenever necessary.

Though people still have issues with business phone systems, their importance cannot be denied as it is a vital part of the professional business structure. Almost every office has an intercom system to locate people if they are required at different places and it can be difficult for the receptionist or client to keep track of employees’ cell numbers.

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