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Get your phone system off the floor/bookcase/stack of boxes

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, March 02, 2016 |
Post Image - Get your phone system off the floor/bookcase/stack of boxes

Business phone systems have come a long way in the last decade or so. They have gone from being a stand alone system to one that's more like a computer that's interconnected with other parts of your business. Our technicians use laptops to connect to your system to make updates/changes and sometimes find themselves in less than favourable conditions.

The form factor of the 'Brains' of the system, that box that's in a closet some where, has also changed. In the past, we used to attach your main system to a plywood 'backboard' in the main telephone room with all the other business' systems. As hacking,security and theft became a factor we started mounting this unit in a closet or communications room in your office. This is where we made all the connections to the system from the various jacks in your office and the dial tone lines from the telephone company.

Things look different now

Samsung Rack Mount OfficeServ 7100 Now, phone systems are more like computers and are shaped like them too. They actually look like a server, see the image on the right, and we're finding that people are doing some interesting things with them. What used to be securely mounted to the wall is now sometimes found on the floor, or stacked on top of a bookcase. We've even seen a system sitting on top of an unstable stack of boxes that haven't been unpacked yet from the last office move. Let's just say bad things happen when you do this.

Bad things happen

We've seen systems that are not properly mounted fall off of their precarious perch and damage the system, requiring expensive and lengthy delays in getting the system working again. Admittedly this is not common, but what does happen all the time is that other things get placed on top of the system. Remember that these things are computers and have the same components....and therefore get hot and need to stay cool to operate properly. When things get stacked on top of them the cooling fans are unable to vent the hot air and the system overheats and starts to malfunction, and can ultimately literally melt internal components.

So what's the answer?

The answer is quite simple really. Phone system manufacturers have designed these systems to sit on the same racks and shelves that your network servers sit on. Many businesses already have these racks for their server equipment, and if not they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. These can stand on the floor (screwed down of course) or be wall mounted. Then your phone system gets attached to the rack or shelf and is not only solidly mounted so it won't fall on the floor but is also easier to connect with the various cables and networks today's systems need to connect with.

The rack also makes it easy to keep proper spacing between components so things stay cool and within the desired operating temperatures and allows for neat grooming of the wires that attach to your system to avoid a tangled mess of wires that costs you money when we take longer to figure out what's connected where. 

What should you do?

Just take a few minutes and find your phone system's 'brains', the main control unit, and make sure it's mounted properly and does not have boxes, binders, or cleaning supplies stacked on top of it. That's it. An inexpensive solution to what is potentially a very expensive condition.

If you're not sure where you system is, or whether it's mounted properly give us a call. If you're in our serving area we can arrange to come out and help you find your system and determine if it's mounted properly.

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