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Get Rid of your Fax Machine Once and for All

Dave Haggblad - Monday, December 22, 2014 |

There are other ways to fax now If your business or office still uses that outdated piece of office equipment called the ‘fax machine” it is high time to consider disposing of it. Anyone who wants to save on operating expenses within the office should get rid of this piece of equipment at once now that a fax facility is available via the internet and you can send and receive messages as email. Though people may argue that it is handy and easy to use consider the cost advantage of using internet fax and see how it's less expensive, faster and better than a dedicated phone fax system.

Making space for a fax machine

Most healthcare institutions cannot survive without fax, but printing documents, walking with them towards fax machines and waiting in line to send them through was wasting nearly 2000 hours at a popular hospital, and resulting in employee frustration. With desktop faxing applications employees now can send documents without the added hassle of printing them out and waiting for sent notifications to come. The space that is taken by a large fax machine in the office can be occupied by a new coffee machine which can bring cheer to employees.

Saving time/paper/money

A fax machine in current age of technology is an unnecessary waste of money as you have to buy paper, toner and pay for a dedicated phone line. As a business organization you would also be wasting the consumables for half the faxes you receive because they are junk. Fax to email service is the answer to all your fax needs as most cost $14.95 a month and can save around $50 on a dedicated fax line. You can view the faxes and print only the ones which are required instead of printing every incoming fax. Employee time is saved as they do not have to lounge around the fax machine and can send the fax from their desk rather than walking to the fax machine.

Use the office phone for important work

If the office phone line has been used for sending faxes then imagine the number of important calls that may have been missed when the line was engaged in sending fax messages. The best part of email enabled fax service is that it can easily be viewed while on the move and you do not have to rush to the office to pick up important faxes on a holiday. 

Interested? Call us to discover how fax-to-email service can be less expensive and more productive.

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