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Do 10% of Your Staff Answer 90% of Your Calls?

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, November 05, 2014 |

Image portraying a busy person taking calls If you have designated a receptionist to handle all incoming calls and transfer them to members of the staff you will take the burden off rest of your staff. But if you feel that employing a person for the sole purpose of receiving calls is a waste of resources then an automatic caller distributor can solve your problem. This smart telephone facility can validate callers and forward calls to right sales or technical group which can handle the query.

Problems with human managed telephone system

  • A human receptionist can handle only one person at a time and others callers in line will get frustrated and you can lose a possible customer.
  • If the receptionist forgets to pass on important messages due to sickness or inability to reach the person for whom the message is meant, it can create a wrong impression before clients.
  • People tend to get bored and irritated of handling inbound and outbound calls on a daily basis which is reflected in their voice and can put off customers.
  • If the receptionist or phone operator is unable to understand the accent of an overseas caller she/he may be rude or dismissive and you can lose a prospective large order.

Advantages of an Automatic Call Distribution system

With an ACD or (automatic call distributer) there will not be any frustration or burnout and calls will be distributed to a person trained to handle the inquiry. The existence of an ACD in a call center will ensure that calls are to the next person in a group you set up and never go unanswered or dropped.

ACD uses round robin call system to send calls to the person that has taken the least number of calls in a call center environment and makes others feel happy that work is being equally divided. ACD allows recording of messages and balance phone lines on rotation so you can play back recorded messages every few hours to handle customer inquiries or complaints.

The reporting system of ACD allows manager to analyze staff calls so they can gauge quality and provide extra coaching and training in specific areas. Its ability to manage basic information and handle calls in a clear and polite manner reduces frustration of holding calls for several minutes as call automatically gets transferred to the next available person in the line.

ACD manages after business hours calls and records details like number and time of a call making it easy for manager to call back and inquire.

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