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Direct Lines Made a Huge Difference in My Customer Service

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, July 06, 2016 |
Post Image - Direct Lines Made a Huge Difference in My Customer Service

One of advantages of investing in a new business phone system is that you get access to new technology and features that you may not be able to have with your existing system.  If your system was installed in an year that starts with '19..' then you're missing the boat for some powerful tools that can reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and raise your customer service levels. 

Direct Lines

Direct lines used to be an expensive proposition for a small business.  That's changed with recent advances in technology.  Now they are a cost effective way to dramatically improve your customer service.

It used to be cost prohibitive to get direct lines....something only a 'big' company did.  There was the cost of the hardware as well as the cost of the service from the telephone company.  With the updates and changes to phone systems over the last decade getting direct lines is almost ridiculously cheap now....and the difference it makes for your customers is amazing.

No more waiting

My customers tell me how much they enjoy being able to call me directly, without having to call a main number and wait to be transferred....or to be put on hold while I'm paged.  With my direct line, they either get me on the line instantly, or they get my direct voicemail and can leave me the details without a fuss.  Easy. Done. 

Giving your customers a direct number for the critical departments or staff of your business means they can reach out to them directly without having to go through a receptionist or be on hold while the call is being transferred. To put it simply, direct lines save time and keep customers happy.

No missed calls

Keep your customers on hold for too long and they could simply hang up. Direct dial numbers reduce that possibility. When your customer calls the person-in-charge for their account on their direct line they are not only answered quickly, either in person or via that persons voicemail, but they get a feeling of satisfaction and they have a 'priority queue' only they get to use. 

Offer resolutions in the fastest possible way

It's customer service 101 really and it should be simple....solve problems in the quickest way possible.  When you give your customer the direct dial numbers of the people in your company they are most likely to need help from, you're enabling quick and easy resolution of their concerns. 

What do I do next?

Direct lines are only one of the advantages offered by investing in a new phone system.  How would like to have calls to your office phone also ring on your cell phone? Pick up the call on your cell phone if you like, or let it continue to your office voicemail. 

To learn more about low cost direct dial solutions, and the other advantages a new phone system can offer your business, please call us at 403-543-6959.

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