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Consider Total Cost of Ownership when Purchasing a Business Phone System

Dave Haggblad - Monday, January 12, 2015 |

Business Phone System Total Cost of Ownership When setting up an office phone system buyers are given a choice of on-premise and cloud options to meet the changing demands as the number of employees increases and operations expand. Buying something inexpensive is not always a good option as you have to re-invest in a more expansive unit when business operations grow and you need additional features or capacity. Both on-site phone systems and cloud based systems have their own features which can be both useful and useless for an organization, and the best solution would be to look for a vendor who can help you define your requirements and then provide a customized solution to meet those needs.

Understanding the required features for office phones

As neither high price nor low price can determine the perfect phone system which can meet all your requirements, you have to first determine which features will address the present and future needs of your organization. Check with your service provider first for basic requirements like call hold and transferring followed by conferencing, voicemail and perhaps an IVR facility and any other specific needs your staff may have.

Maintenance features

It is ideal if your phone system provider can provide a regular maintenance contract as they understand the inner mechanics of the system and can identify problems better than an external technician. Most phone companies do not charge for software upgrades, fixing operational issues like locked mailboxes or small mechanical issues when you take annual maintenance contracts.

Warranties and upgrades

Understanding total cost of ownership for a business phone system should include reviewing the warranty of the equipment and cost of futures upgrades.  Look for longer warranties, we offer 5 years on new Samsung OfficServ phone systems.  

If you have opted for a premise based system then make sure you can easily expand without having to replace the entire system. In a hosted or cloud based system new users can be added without spending extra money on hardware beyond the phone that sits on their desk and the monthly rate for that user.

Future potential of phone system

While purchasing a business phone system check for it's ability to accommodate future technology. Of course it's not easy to know what's coming next down the technology pipeline, but a system that can add that technology through a software upgrade is preferable to one that requires you to replace the control unit.

Phone systems require regular service and maintenance which can be done by either third parties or by the maintenance division of the phone equipment company itself. These firms sometimes have service contracts to help manage monthly maintenance costs which could otherwise work out to be quite expensive. Having a phone system which can manage your requirements and be ready for expansion when required is critical for success of a business organization as then clients and vendors can interact with them in any emergency.

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