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Certified Technicians are important to a smooth running phone system

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 |
Post Image - Certified Technicians are important to a smooth running phone system

Much like your car or your dishwasher, your phone system is a unique piece of technology.  Sure, there are similarities with the functionality and the phones may even look similar to other systems you've seen.  But at it's core it's unique.  So when you need service for your system it's important to look for a technician who is certified to work on it.

Why Certified?

Some technicians have learned how to install & service a system by working on them over time. Or they have been shown how by a senior technician who they have worked along side.  There's nothing wrong with this, I've learned many things this way.  It's enough to install a system, or perhaps do the basic service/maintenance a system requires, but you're missing out on the advantages a Certified Technician can give you.

Manufacturer Training

A technician that's received training directly from the manufacturer gets the latest information and learns not just how to take care of your system but gains an understanding of the manufacturers intent and direction for the platform. This is a subtle but valuable difference between learning something 'on the job' and learning from the manufacturer.

Early notice of New Features

Once you get connected to manufacturer training, you also get connected to notices about new features or technology that are coming out in future releases. This allows you to take some time to learn the features, or to attend upgrade courses if when that new feature is release a Certified Technician is ready to go and in the best position to add that feature to your system if appropriate. 

Access to Technical Support

Probably the most significant advantage is access to manufacturer technical support.  These systems are complicated, they're computers after all, and it's hard to know everything about them or even keep on top of new features as they are added.  So have a technician who can call on the manufacturer's support team if they get stumped on something is important.  The manufacturers technical support team not only knows their own systems the best, but they work with many service companies across the country and therefore see all the potential problems/issues that could affect your system.  So being able to call them for help is definitely an advantage.

Maintenance Patches

As I mentioned earlier, your phone system is a computer.  Would you run your computer without installing the latest patches and security updates?  If you do you risk some serious trouble if your system is hacked or you end up with a virus. 

Your phone system needs updates and patches too.  A Certified Technician receives notification of updates and patches, and has access to them via the manufacturer's support portal.  They also receive instructions for installation and warnings for anything they need to look out for that may cause problems during an update.

Keeping your system software up to date is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself against hackers and long distance fraud.


Just like your car, occasionally the manufacturer will issue a recall on a product or system component.  A Certified Technician receives notice of this and instructions for the steps needed to get your system taken care of if it falls within the recall specifications.


You might think you will pay more for a Certified Technician.  That's not always the case, though if you do have to pay a bit more we feel it's worth the small difference for the advantages provided.  We're just suggesting you ask for a Certified Technician next time you book a service call.

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