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Business Technology Predictions for 2016

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, December 09, 2015 |
Post Image - Business Technology Predictions for 2016

Technology has never had the capability to sustain self-growth. It is the marriage of improved business processes and technology which brings real progress. Several people will call this optimization. In the coming year, optimization will be the game changer. Thanks to businesses leveraging mobile, social cloud technology and analytics in transforming operations, optimizers will rise above all who do not. Read on to know more about the predictions for business technology in 2016:

Globalized workforce to be jumpstarted by collaboration tools

Sharing of information will be done smoothly by businesses in real time from all locations. Such tools will range from intranets to private cloud storage to document sharing and project management as well as internal messaging. Vendors providing such services will include Basecamp, Slack, Sharepoint, JIRA and Dropbox. In the coming year, the world’s top companies will leverage such tools in order to support their agile and ongoing processes between dispersed teams as well as workers anytime and anywhere. In the majority of scenarios, team collaborations tools will replace siloed and aging processes and upgrade to information sharing like email attachments.

Analytics will be at the core of full-funnel marketing and sales intelligence

In 2016, B2B will start embracing customer analytics. The goal here will be to optimize the flow of leads from marketing to sales. This results in increasing adoption of web analytics and marketing automation. However the ability to leverage such technologies will be for higher effective marketing and sales as well as for higher conversion rates. Around 37 percent of businesses which apply analytical best practices to their sales workflows should see an increase in revenue, with 60 percent believing big data will improve business decisions and competitive advantages. Analytics will gift marketers with further options for mass personalization, as well as a deeper understanding of each stage of the marketing funnel. Analytics will also provide marketers with the ability to trace campaign initiatives. Salespeople will benefit from analytics’ ability to provide visibility into each lead’s unique journey that helps the sales development stage flow smoother.

Clouds based on customer experience will turn into core business engines

The customer experience cloud is a collection of applications which will assist businesses in managing the customer journey from beginning to end. The majority of customer experience clouds provide and develop integrated functions for sales, service, marketing and e-commerce. Customer experience solutions are developed post the recognition of the close relationship between each department as needed to build positive customer experiences.

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