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Are You Safe From Power Interruptions

Dave Haggblad - Monday, October 20, 2014 |

Power utilities often fail No one can deny the importance of electric power supply in today's life. While companies need battery backup for their computer infrastructure and critical electrical devices, few keep a backup system for their telephone system. For every business, irrespective of its line of work, it is necessary to stay in touch with its clients during working hours. So it is important for businesses to invest in a UPS which is dedicated only to keeping the phone system active.

Importance of uninterrupted power supply

Power disruptions and fluctuations can cause serious problems to electrical equipment in the office. An UPS system can provide necessary protection to data centers and telecommunication equipment for efficient performance. The size and capacity of UPS system depends on the purpose for which it is being utilized. It needs to be completely charged up at the beginning of each working day before being put to use. Uninterrupted power supply is a low maintenance electrical product for which the only expense the buyer occurs is replacement of battery every few years to retain its power.

Reasons why UPS is essential for telecom network in an office

  • To stop the destructive effect of power surges
  • Utility power is often unclean
  • Keeps your business in touch with clients and vendors, and employees too, in case they face some problem and need office backup urgently

The three types of uninterrupted power supply systems that can be used by an existing phone system:

Single Conversion: It is most commonly used in telephone systems as it allows the system to use building power until there is a problem and then the UPS battery kicks in. They also supply power if the power supply falls below a standard voltage level and stays on battery power until the input returns to normal level or the battery runs out.

Double Conversion: The system provides protection from voltage fluctuations and surges. It first converts AC power from the electric line into DC, which is fed into an output inverter. Once the inverter processes power back to AC it is sent to the system. This system helps eliminate surges and unclean power.

Multimode UPS – The system provides maximum efficiency and is a combination of single and double conversion technologies. It is generally used for internal telecom networks spread across a large building like hotels and corporations.

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