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Are You Running Your Business on Obsolete Technology?

Dave Haggblad - Monday, March 16, 2015 |

A picture of a tin can phone In the current world of fast changing technology it is becoming difficult for small firms to remove old data networks and replace them with new ones which come at an added cost. They continue to run their systems on obsolete technology which makes their products obsolete within a short period of time as they are not compatible with new technologies. 

If you are planning to open an office for a limited period then it is best to take new equipment on lease and let it do your work. This is an ideal method of using latest equipment without paying which you can return after expiry of lease or after new equipment arrives in the market.

Advantages of using latest technology

  • Enhancing employee performance – When your employees use new and powerful technologies they can enhance their productivity which will improve your company’s bottom-line within a short span of time. Companies now know that in the world of telecom and information, technology products can become obsolete very soon and try to design their product with limited shelf life so that it can be easily discarded.
  • Establishing trust with customers – When you are aware of new technology you can educate customers about how long a particular technology is likely to last and then how then can use existing technology to continue running a few of their operations until it becomes obsolete to help them make an educated choice.

Companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, Dell and others are constantly working to improve communication technology though some businesses are still using systems of old manufacturers like Nortel, Telerad, Inter-Tel to name a few which are not supported by manufacturers as the manufactures have closed business.

Risks of using obsolete technology

Vulnerable to new virus

If you are using obsolete security systems they are likely to be compromised by latest viruses which are likely to find then using the office Wi-fi system. As your employees are also not able to use new technology they will not be able to protect your data.

Expired equipment can increase losses

Sometimes automation systems used in offices continue well beyond their given lifespan which could be due to cooling system which sometimes increase their longevity. But if any of these old generation system break down they are likely to cause tremendous losses as all the operations are depended on them.

Most companies will try to continue to use old technical equipment as long as possible to save money But the biggest problem with usage of obsolete technology is that local vendors will find it difficult to repair outdated equipment due to lack of spares and if you continue to use outdated equipment it is likely to crash at a time when you need it the most.

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