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Are you Being Over Sold?

Dave Haggblad - Monday, July 28, 2014 |

Image representing spending too much money As an entrepreneur or owner of a business, you may not be a telecom expert, but must be certainly aware about the increasing costs of telecom services globally as a result of technological advancement. Keeping a track of all such details and updates may not be within the means of many companies. So, it is quite possible that with technological advancement, your telecom expenses may rise exponentially.

Check if you are paying too much

Almost every day at work, you may be subject to the emergence of a latest communication essential. This could include new age services such as web conferencing and several different kinds of mobile applications. While it is true that these technological inventions add to the overall efficiency of your employees, but as much as you save due to faster productivity, you give out in the form of humongous telecom bills. These companies are great at selling you simply ‘no-brainer’ additional services which could seem appealing, but are actually of no use and a drain-out on your telecom budget.

Make a conscious effort to check which applications and services are of actual use to your business and make it more efficient and profitable. The rest of them simply need to be discarded as they are simply adding to expenses.

Choose ‘relevant’ telecom services

Several companies have contracts with their telecom operating firms which become redundant over a period of time and have extra services which are not really used by the business. These services have actually lost advantage in the background of technological advancement and are simply an extra charge on your telecom bill. These can easily be overlooked by a business and become hidden expenses which can account for a massive telecom bill in a very short duration.

To become aware telecom users and businesses need to keep a regular check on the landline and other services needed by the company. These routine evaluations eliminate the redundant services (e.g. voicemail) which may be of no use to the business and are simply adding to the overall costs.

Cloud should also be considered by firms. They can compare the costs of IT versus SaaS. Based on this comparison, costs could be re-evaluated to make sure they are in sync with the actual needs. Individual purchase and installation of applications for every user is not required when using Cloud which actually ends up saving a lot of money for the business.

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