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Advantages of Using a Company Speed Dial List

- Monday, August 03, 2015 |

A Speed Dial feature is available on most phone systems today whether it is a mobile phone or land line based. The feature is especially useful for people who dial certain numbers on a regular basis. Frequently used numbers are stored by users in the phone’s memory to dial the number automatically when the name is selected. In an organization every employee has speed dial numbers that are configured on their specific extensions.

Centralized speed dial and selecting desired number

Software today can help companies have a centralized speed dial that will have contact details of vendors and people that the company interacts with on a daily basis and is usually managed by the switchboard operator. This list can also be shared with company employees when they want to interact with regular clients or suppliers so they can make calls without wasting time searching for phone directories.

Constant touch with important employees on field

As company speed dial numbers are maintained by one person these are always up to date for everyone and staff do not have to hunt around for the right numbers. Communication is essential for the success of business deals. Speed dial system within the office keeps everyone in touch and any change in company policy or production cycle is immediately communicated officially to employees on the field so they can communicate the same to clients. 

Corporate speed dial lists are also convenient during conference calls. If your office has a speed dial system the software can be shared in the conference room and calls can be made with efficiency without searching for phone directories or making multiple calls. With a speed dial feature clients and vendors are just a button press away and regular contact can be maintained with them for better relations.

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