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Additional Features In the Website

Dave Haggblad - Monday, April 20, 2015 |

Tel Tech Services website snapshot Tel Tech Services is a company responsible for developing voice and network solutions for businesses in Calgary and the surrounding areas. The company website - - contains extensive information about the products they deal with and the services they provide. There are a few details available on their website that many people may not have noticed, these are listed below.

User guides - The website contains user manuals, quick reference guides and other details regarding each and every product they deal with. These files are available in PDF format and are just a click away from download. The company deals with Samsung and Nortel/Norstar products. There is also a program available for download to create and print labels on the Nortel T-Series phones. The links are and

Training videos - Training videos are available at and they provide a step-by-step guide for using the phone systems and may help you solve problems without having to wait for, and pay for, a service call. You can search for a particular training video from the options given in the categories of system type and functionality. The website provides videos for most of the features needed when using your phone system. For example, programming the phone system and setting up and using voice messages for both Samsung and Nortel systems.

Sample pricing and Online purchases - One can browse through sample prices before making a purchase - The link gives you examples of the pricing details for a system if you want to install a new set-up in your office and/or home-office. Along with the pricing details, the page also provides information on the systems with brochures that are available for download. You can review the brochures for more information before calling to talk to a system specialist about purchasing the product.

Just need another phone or an expansion module? You can initiate an online purchase from the list of products available on the website at The product can be selected and added to the cart after the customer goes through the entire features and details of the product.

Free phone bill analysis - Tel Tech Services provides a no charge audit and analysis of your businesses phone bill. The analysis helps in identifying phone lines that are not in use any longer or lines with improper plans where you are getting billed with un-discounted long distance rates. Such audits and analysis can save money. Just enter your email address at this link - and one of our specialists will contact you to arrange for your free audit.

Information about SIP lines - Extensive information about SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is available in the link - You can read and learn about this new technology for delivering phone service through an internet connection.  SIP lines can save you money while enhancing the experience of your staff, and customers calling into your business.

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