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A Tale of Two Cities…...And One Receptionist

- Tuesday, December 31, 2013 |

Image showing main office and remote offices across the country Growth in business is often indicated through expansion and the addition of new branch offices for extending your business operations. Along with the number of branches, the operating costs also increase proportionately. This cost usually involves the cost of fixed or movable assets like computers, furniture etc, and certainly the remuneration paid to the staff at each branch office. 

But what if you can cut down on your employee costs to a certain extent, by hiring one receptionist to handle calls across your offices in two different cities? Sounds like an excellent idea now, doesn’t it?

One Receptionist is All You Need

That's right. You don't need a receptionist at each of your offices. Hire just one receptionist for the office where you are likely to have walk-ins and he or she can take calls that are made to your branch offices in other cities. 

How? With the latest business telecommunication systems in your different offices networked together, your receptionist can answer calls made to a branch office, while sitting at her desk in the main office.

With the help of the latest Samsung business phone systems, you can have the calls made to the branch in another city routed to the main office.  Those calls can then be transferred to another extension in the same office or back to the branch office, as required by the caller. 

So, you need just one person, who will be the single point of contact for all calls made to your offices in different cities.

Efficient Communication without Increasing Calls

Improving the efficiency in business communication need not be an expensive affair. Investing in a top-notch business telephone system is a great way to ensure that your clients can always reach you by telephone, no matter where they are in the country. With the Samsung OfficeServ telephone system you can have all calls made to your branch offices routed to the head office, where the operator sits, and have them transferred to any extension across the WLAN network, using an intercom number. That way, you do not increase your call costs and you also keep your manpower costs low.

If you are an up and coming small business with plans to expand, investing in a networked business telephone systems is a great idea. Please go through our video tutorials for more information on connecting phones through the internet.

Should you need any assistance in telephone networking, please contact us.

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