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A Simple Speed Test Will Tell You If VoIP Will Work For You

Dave Haggblad - Monday, July 27, 2015 |

A simple internet speed test can confirm if voip service will work for you Installing a VOIP connection can give your office more freedom to install new phone lines or more phones around whenever you desire. It will also help lower your phone bills. But the voice quality of your VOIP phone is largely dependent on your internet speed and if that is unreliable then VOIP will not work as you would expect it to. Any service provider that you engage for installation of VOIP services should carry out a speed test to check the suitability of your internet connection.

Running an internet speed test

When you run a speed test it checks your internet speed, among other things, to gauge its ability to handle a PBX system. Several factors will have to be considered during this test, like how many phone lines can be connected to the system and if one internet connection will be used both for browsing and phone. Though VOIP systems can easily handle two to three phones lines they may need a dedicated internet connection to run several lines simultaneously.

Benchmarks for testing internet connection for VOIP

Bandwidth - If you are planning to use single internet connection for office browsing requirements and also for VOIP phone then service providers will suggest you to keep lines limited to one or two if the broadband speed is lower. The quality of your VOIP service depends on the ability of your bandwidth to send and receive data packets.

Jitter and Packet Loss – If there are long time gaps in the packets which are sent and received by the broadband it will lead to loss of packets which can result in poor voice quality that can make the whole conversation difficult to understand or even meaningless. Broadband quality has to be all but flawless and certainly high speed for it to support telephone connections.

Mean Score and Pause – While mean score measures sound quality at the receiver’s point in the communication chain, the “max pause” measures longest break in audio or pause during a conversation on VOIP line. These two scores can help the service provider gauge if a firm’s existing broadband can handle VOIP or additional bandwidth will be required.

Service Quality – This constantly measures the flow of data from your Internet Service Prpvider and will let your phone system technician know it can handle the additional load of VOIP connection. When the packet traffic is slow and faces interference from other traffic then it will lead to degradation in voice quality.

Internet networks are dynamic and speed changes depending on usage at different times of the day so tests have to be done during different time periods to check speed and quality before installation of voice based internet phone for your office.

If you're considering VOIP service, and you're in our serving area, contact us to arrange for a speed test.

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